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Site Design Experience

Since 1999, I have worked on a number of websites, besides my own :-), in varying capacities. I developed the original design and graphics for the Teacher Education Materials Project (TE-MAT). The project website at http://te-mat.org/ has been updated, including a much-needed graphics face-lift since I originally worked on the site, but the basic organization and navigation remains from the original design. I also contributed to the design of the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) website at http://www.enc.org, primarily focused on the online catalog search interface, but like all the ENC staff, evaluated the site as it was under development. Unfortunately, ENC lost its federal funding as of Sept. 29, 2005, and has now gone commercial (http://www.goenc.com) so without a subscription, it's difficult to see anything anymore.

The following list are sites that I am actively working on at present.

Biology 170: Human Pathophysiology
June 1999-Present
The University of Akron, University Libraries, Cataloging Department website
http://www3.uakron.edu/ul/depts/cataloging/ [Currently static pending move to CMS] or my development site at http://www.karenplummer.com/uakron/cataloging/ [Site is being updated and code cleaned up for transfer to CMS]
Initially designed with colleague Christine Rigda, the site is now into its third redesign. The most recent redesign effort was completed in September 2004. Other than updating the content, I redesigned the screen stylesheet, added a print stylesheet, and converted all of the coding to XHTML 1.0 Transitional. It was a big project, but after getting feedback from the other catalogers, a reorganization of the site was essential and redesigning to go with the organizational changes just seemed to make sense.
As the University Libraries site moves to a new CMS in 2009/2010, the Cataloging site will be migrating as well, hopefully in place with the new design by January 2010.
The University of Akron, University Libraries website
2001-2006, 2008-Present
The University of Akron, Women in Higher Education website
2003-: As a member of WIHE, I volunteered to redesign this site in fall 2003. I was just learning how to use Dreamweaver at the time, and used one of their templates for the redesign. It is tables-based and I hope to convert it from tables to pure CSS during the 2006-2007 academic year.
Update: The site was completely redesigned in Fall 2007.

Past Experience

Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO)
June 2005-May 2008
The University of Akron, University Library, Archival Services website
August 2005-November 2005: This was been a fun project. Archives site was static for many years and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do some redesign and reorganization of this site. It's still under development and we finish tweaking the navigation and some minor details. The really fun part is yet to come: we're going to code the finding aids (inventories) using EAD (Encoded Archival Description metadata)! Can't wait for that!
Update August 2009: This site has been redesigned and updated by the UL Web Team. I'm hoping to find an old screen shot of the work I did previously because those pages have now sadly gone away.
The University of Akron, University Libraries, Curriculum Center
This project never quite got off the ground. Draft pages at http://www.karenplummer.com/oldsite/classes/iwa-hwg/css-intermed/week6/curriculum-center/
Blind Owl Blues website
2004: I designed the logo, established the initial page layout, and created the stylesheet for this site for a colleague's radio show. It was a quick, but fun project.
Update: The site is basically the same as my original design, but it has been simplified by Joe LaRose.

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