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Character and Numeric Entities

AccentsArrowsBracketsCurrencyGreek LettersLatin Letters
Entity DescriptionCharacter EntityNumeric EntityCharNum
acute accent´´´´
broken bar¦¦¦¦
circumflex accent, modifier letterˆˆˆˆ
diaeresis (umlaut)¨¨¨¨
dagger, double‡‡
ellipsis, horizontal……
en dash––
em dash——
exclamation mark, inverted¡¡¡¡
hyphen, soft­­­­
left-to-right mark‎‎
middle dot····
paragraph sign¶¶
quotation mark""""
question mark, inverted¿¿¿¿
quotation mark, left single‘‘
quotation mark, right single’’
quotation mark, single low-9‚‚
quotation mark, Left double““
quotation mark, right double””
quotation mark, double low-9„„
right-to-left mark‏‏
section sign§§§§
tilde, small˜˜˜˜
Entity DescriptionCharacter EntityNumeric EntityCharNum
downward pointing arrow↓↓
downward pointing arrow with corner left pointing↵↵
downward pointing double arrow⇓⇓
left pointing arrow←←
left pointing double arrow⇐⇐
left right arrow↔↔
left right double arrow⇔⇔
right pointing arrow→→
right pointing double arrow⇒⇒
upward pointing arrow↑↑
upward pointing double arrow⇑⇑
left-pointing angle bracket⟨〈
left-pointing angle brackets, double ««««
left-pointing angle bracket, single‹‹
right-pointing angle bracket⟩〉
right-pointing angle brackets, double »»»»
right-pointing angle bracket, single ››
Entity DescriptionCharacter EntityNumeric EntityCharNum
cent sign¢¢¢¢
currency sign¤¤¤¤
euro sign€€
pound sign££££
yen sign¥¥¥¥
Entity DescriptionCharacter EntityNumeric EntityCharNum
uppercase alphaΑΑΑΑ
uppercase betaΒΒΒΒ
uppercase gammaΓΓΓΓ
uppercase deltaΔΔΔΔ
uppercase epsilonΕΕΕΕ
uppercase zetaΖΖΖΖ
uppercase etaΗΗΗΗ
uppercase thetaΘΘΘΘ
uppercase iotaΙΙΙΙ
uppercase kappaΚΚΚΚ
uppercase lambdaΛΛΛΛ
uppercase muΜΜΜΜ
uppercase nuΝΝΝΝ
uppercase xiΞΞ&#Xi;Ξ
uppercase omicronΟΟΟΟ
uppercase piΠΠΠΠ
uppercase rhoΡΡΡΡ
uppercase sigmaΣΣΣΣ
uppercase tauΤΤΤΤ
uppercase upsilonΥΥΥΥ
uppercase phiΦΦΦΦ
uppercase chiΧΧΧΧ
uppercase psiΨΨΨΨ
uppercase omegaΩΩΩΩ
lowercase alphaαααα
lowercase betaββββ
lowercase gammaγγγγ
lowercase deltaδδδδ
lowercase epsilonεεεε
lowercase zetaζζζζ
lowercase etaηηηη
lowercase thetaθθθθ
lowercase iotaιιιι
lowercase kappaκκκκ
lowercase lambdaλλλλ
lowercase muμμμμ
lowercase nuνννν
lowercase xiξξ&#xi;ξ
lowercase omicronοοοο
lowercase piππππ
lowercase rhoρρρρ
lowercase final sigmaςςςς
lowercase sigmaσσσσ
lowercase tauττττ
lowercase upsilonυυυυ
lowercase phiφφφφ
lowercase chiχχχχ
lowercase psiψψψψ
lowercase omegaωωωω
lowercase theta symbolϑϑϑϑ
upsilon with hook symbolϒϒϒϒ
Entity DescriptionCharacter EntityNumeric EntityCharNum
uppercase A with graveÀÀÀÀ
uppercase A with acuteÁÁÁÁ
uppercase A with circumflexÂÂÂÂ
uppercase A with tildeÃÃÃÃ
uppercase A with diaeresisÄÄÄÄ
uppercase A with ring aboveÅÅÅÅ
uppercase AEÆÆÆÆ
uppercase C with cedillaÇÇÇÇ
uppercase E with graveÈÈÈÈ
uppercase E with acuteÉÉÉÉ
uppercase E with circumflexÊÊÊÊ
uppercase E with diaeresisËËËË
uppercase I with graveÌÌÌÌ
uppercase I with acuteÍÍÍÍ
uppercase I with circumflexÎÎÎÎ
uppercase I with diaeresisÏÏÏÏ
uppercase ETHÐÐÐÐ
uppercase N with tildeÑÑÑÑ
uppercase O with graveÒÒÒÒ
uppercase O with acuteÓÓÓÓ
uppercase O with circumflexÔÔÔÔ
uppercase O with tildeÕÕÕÕ
uppercase O with diaeresisÖÖÖÖ
uppercase O with strokeØØØØ
uppercase ligature OEŒŒŒŒ
uppercase S with caronŠŠŠŠ
uppercase U with graveÙÙÙÙ
uppercase U with acuteÚÚÚÚ
uppercase U with circumflexÛÛÛÛ
uppercase U with diaeresisÜÜÜÜ
uppercase Y with acuteÝÝÝÝ
uppercase Y with diaeresisŸŸŸŸ
uppercase THORNÞÞÞÞ
lowercase letter sharp sßßßß
lowercase letter a with graveàààà
lowercase letter a with acuteáááá
lowercase letter a with circumflexââââ
lowercase letter a with tildeãããã
lowercase letter a with diaeresisääää
lowercase letter a with ring aboveåååå
lowercase letter aeææææ
lowercase letter c with cedillaçççç
lowercase letter e with graveèèèè
lowercase letter e with acuteéééé
lowercase letter e with circumflexêêêê
lowercase letter e with diaeresisëëëë
lowercase f with hookƒƒƒƒ
lowercase letter i with graveìììì
lowercase letter i with acuteíííí
lowercase letter i with circumflexîîîî
lowercase letter i with diaeresisïïïï
lowercase letter ethðððð
lowercase letter n with tildeññññ
lowercase letter o with graveòòòò
lowercase letter o with acuteóóóó
lowercase letter o with circumflexôôôô
lowercase letter o with tildeõõõõ
lowercase letter o with diaeresisöööö
lowercase letter o with strokeøøøø
lowercase ligature oeœœœœ
lowercase letter s with caronšššš
lowercase letter u with graveùùùù
lowercase letter u with acuteúúúú
lowercase letter u with circumflexûûûû
lowercase letter u with diaeresisüüüü
lowercase letter y with acuteýýýý
lowercase letter thornþþþþ
lowercase letter y with diaeresisÿÿÿÿ
Entity DescriptionCharacter EntityNumeric EntityCharNum
almost equal to≈≈
approximately equal to≅≅
asterisk operator∗∗
ceiling, left⌈⌈
ceiling, right⌉⌉
circled plus⊕⊕
circled times⊗⊗
contains as member∋∋
degree sign°°°°
dot operator⋅⋅
double prime″″
division sign÷÷÷÷
element of∈∈
empty set∅∅
feminine ordinal indicatorªªªª
floor, left ⌊⌊
floor, right ⌋⌋
for all∀∀
fraction one quarter¼¼¼¼
fraction one half½½½½
fraction slash⁄⁄
fraction three quarters¾¾¾¾
greater-than sign>>>>
greater-than or equal to≥≥
identical to≡≡
less-than sign&lt;&#60;<<
less-than or equal to&le;&#8804;
logical and&and;&#8743;
logical or&or;&#8744;
masculine ordinal indicator&ordm;&#186;ºº
minus sign&minus;&#8722;
multiplication sign&times;&#215;××
n-ary product&prod;&#8719;
n-ary sumation&sum;&#8721;
not a subset of&nsub;&#8836;
not an element of&notin;&#8713;
not equal to&ne;&#8800;
not sign&not;&#172;¬¬
partial differential&part;&#8706;
per mille sign&permil;&#8240;
pi symbol&piv;&#982;ϖϖ
plus-minus sign&plusmn;&#177;±±
proportional to&prop;&#8733;
square root&radic;&#8730;
subset of&sub;&#8834;
subset of or equal to&sube;&#8838;
superscript one&sup1;&#185;¹¹
superscript two&sup2;&#178;²²
superscript three&sup3;&#179;³³
superset of&sup;&#8835;
superset of or equal to&supe;&#8839;
there exists&exist;&#8707;
tilde operator&sim;&#8764;
up tack&perp;&#8869;
Entity DescriptionCharacter EntityNumeric EntityCharNum
alef symbol&alefsym;&#8501;
blackletter capital I&image;&#8465;
blackletter capital R&real;&#8476;
copyright symbol&copy;&#169;©©
em space&emsp;&#8195;
en space&ensp;&#8194;
non-breaking space&nbsp;&#160;  
micro sign&micro;&#181;µµ
registered sign&reg;&#174;®®
script capital P&weierp;&#8472;
thin space&thinsp;&#8201;
trade mark sign&trade;&#8482;
zero width non-joiner&zwnj;&#8204;
zero width joiner&zwj;&#8205;

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